Arc-en-Ciel-1 Méthode de français

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Nita Vijay Kumar, Sarbari Sen, Godavari Kumari Singh
Paper Back
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Publisher: Goyal Saab

Arc-en-ciel is a specially designed “fun textbook”. The book is intended to ignite the interest for France and its beautiful language at this tender age rather than to drown the little ones under the weight of information.
The lessons are meticulously planned, keeping the tender age of the student in mind. They are interesting, colorful and activity based. The students will easily be able to relate with the characters of the book and the topics. Since parents often spend quality time with their children and take a keen interest in their studies, we have added some instructions in English. The glossary and grammar summary at the end of each lesson are also an invaluable resource for the students. The activities are focused on capturing the interest of the students as well as helping to build a strong base in grammar in the years to come….thus maintaining a delicate balance between the two. In addition, there is also a well-thought-out and well designed workbook for extra practice that the students would enjoy solving.


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