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Deutsch Fur Jung und ALT A Manual for Learning German

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Pratibha Bhattacharya
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Deutsch für Jung und Alt

Pratibha Bhattacharya did her M.A in Sociology from University of Poona standing first.

After a long sojourn in Germany between the years 1971-1974, she took up the studies of German language and literature in the University of Delhi. She got her M. Phil in German language in 1982 and was the first to get this degree in entire India. Subsequently the work was published in Zeitschrift für Kulturaustaush from Germany. In the year 1987 she got a DAAD fellowship to go to Heidelberg to pursue her Ph.D. degree and was re-invited to the South Asia Institute, Heidelberg in 1988. After getting her Ph.D. in German in the year 1990, she joined the Department of Linguistics as a student in 1991. After doing her M. Phil in Linguistics, she pursued her Ph.D in Socio-linguistics and studied ‘Yiddish’ as her specialization. A very well received Ph.D was awarded to her in the year 2005.


She has been teaching German all through the period of her studies. At the moment she is teaching German in Hansraj College and St. Stephens’s College of Delhi University and Amity University in Noida. She has completed teaching German at various levels for nearly three decades.


For any learner of German language, the usual tests and lessons are not always enough and do not always answer the endless questions that keep cropping up. The modern techniques leave, to my mind, hardly any possibilities to entertain these queries at length. It is true, that such queries are totally of the ‘individual’ kind and vary from person to person. Yet my long association with the teaching of the German Language in the University of Delhi has led me to realise certain basic questions which are common to all learners, at least to those who are proficient in English. Thus, most of the things regarding the learning of the language that I have dealt with here are not explained in the usual and prescribed Texts.


I would, therefore, like to recommend, that this book be studied parallely and along with the texts and lessons done in the class-room. I have specially added a large assortment of translation passages and grammar exercises for the students to use and employ their knowledge, once they have crossed the threshold of initiation into the language. The literary and cultural history of the language is a must for all emancipated and educated learners and should also be useful for the students of Literature at large.


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