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Lehrbuch 3 Wir B1

Wir 3 Textbook (with CD)

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Giorgio Motta
Paper Back
Number of Pages
Publisher: Klett
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"Wir" teaches young people to communicate on topics relevant to their lives and develop a broad understanding of the language. The coursebooks follow a modular structure and the layout is clear and colourful to hold pupils' interest and encourage them to participate through games and songs.

New material is introduced in small recurring steps with exercises for all four skills. Grammar is introduced throughout the sections for pupils to formulate rules themselves with special exercises to apply the grammar they have learned. Each module concludes with revision exercises, a grammar summary and a test for pupils to check their progress. "Wir" corresponds to levels A1 to B1 of the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages".

Prescribed by CBSE Board for 9th to 10th


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