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Carnet de Voyage (French for Tourism) with CD

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₨ 295.00
Juliette Marion & Baptiste Chauveau & Léo Bézies-Gros
Paper Back
Number of Pages
Publisher: Goyal Saab
For Sale in the Indian Subcontinent only

Carnet de voyage offers a teaching methodology specially adapted to serve the needs of professionals in the tourism industry (receptionists, travel agents, guides etc..). Carnet de voyage is also meant for students who plan to take up these professions as their careers in the near future. The manual, clearly structured and largely illustrated, with an audio CD and an Internet complementary website provides a pragmatic and direct access to the French language for those who wish to improve the mastering of the language. Based on a trip across Rajasthan with a group of nine French tourists, the manual has been praised by the educational and tourism worlds for its accuracy and its appeal. Everyone will find in Carnet de voyage the possibility of learning French in a practical context, which is essential at this point of time when economic exchanges between France and India are taking place at a rapid pace, especially in the field of tourism. Combining the pleasure of learning along with a career-oriented perspective and a modern pedagogical approach, it is our goal with
Carnet de voyage !
Bon voyage !


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