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Fertig...los! Magazine Vol. 2

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Publisher: ELI

Highly motivating and informative, "Fertig Los" provides school children of all ages and levels with interesting articles, fun games and activities. All subscriptions comprise of six (6) issues per year.

Each subscription is priced at Rs. 360 for 6 issues per year.

"Fertig Los" gives a special space to the activities in the field of German language learning and teaching in India, we look forward  to contributions for some nice texts or poems composed by German students of schools and Goethe Institute (in German). Contributions can be sent to fertiglos01@gmail.com.

The best articles will be published in our next editions. The writer of the best article in each issue will receive a price of Rs.500 and the winner will be announced in the succeeding issue of the series.


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