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Deutsch durch Dhrupad Learning German through Indian Classical Music (with CD)

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Nandini Datta Jha
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Publisher: Goyal Saab

For years now, Hindustani, or Indian classical music has been known all over the world, especially for its soothing quality & stress-reducing capability. The oldest form of Hindustani classical music is Dhrupad. Believed to have its origin in the chanting of Vedic scriptures by saints, Dhrupad is characterized by very slow and stable notes. It is largely spiritual and can in fact be termed as a form of meditation.

The songs in this CD are a result of my experiment of using German language words set to simple Dhrupad style compositions, each based on a different Raag. To match with the essence of Dhrupad, the compositions are deliberately intended to be thought provoking, some going to the extent of being meditative. The idea is to create something new and unique by combining 02 very diverse things – Dhrupad and German. Teaching
German language has been my profession for several years now and exploring Dhrupad, my passion over the last few years. Hence the idea!

I hope that these compositions introduce the average German listener to the beauty of Dhrupad. Also, as part of the ‘Singlingual’ method of teaching, the compositions, along with the book, can enable german language students to learn the language more enjoyably while at the same time familiarizing them with this form of music.


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