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Dictionary of Quotations

Dictionary of Quotations

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Mao Tse-Tung & G. Orwell & Horace & Richard Nixon
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Publisher: Bloomsbury
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With over 10,500 quotations, this book is the largest new compilation for over forty years. The range of quotations included is vast, drawing on sources as diverse a Shakespeare's sonnets, modern political speeches, song lyrics and advertising slogans. Personalities included are multifarious-from Plato to Picasso, Garbo to Gorbachev, Roth to Rossini, Zola to Zsa Zsa Gabor, Nelson Mandela, George Bush, Dan Quayle and Salman Rushdie are among those whose recent speeches have been included in this edition.

The quotations are ordered alphabetically by person.  Many entries contain quotes both by the person concerned and a selection of those that have been said about them.

The beauty of this dictionary is the case with which a specific quotation can be tracked down; the index by key word enables even the most vaguely remembered quotation to be traced.


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